Mayor Flyer

October is the first full month of Autumn and what a beautiful month it is! Nature puts on quite a show for us: the orange, gold and red colors of the leaves are breathtaking, the crispness in the air is exhilarating but my favorite display of October is the amazingly blue skies. In grade school, we had to memorize the poem “October’s Bright Blue Weather” by Helen Hunt Jackson (do kids still study poetry in school??) which praises the brilliance of the skies.  In my opinion, the richness of the blue October sky has no equal anywhere.

In the Borough a Cleanup of Heritage Park has been planned for Saturday, October 29th beginning at 9:00am. Come join with me and other residents to spruce up the park before the weather changes. And don’t forget Halloween Happy will be returning to the Borough Building on October 31st. Check the Borough’s Facebook page for more details on these events.

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